Congrats To Our Class of 2017 Grads!

Name: Fendy Gao
School: University of Chicago
Favorite Dance Move: Front somersault body roll

How Has Dance Changed Your Life:
"Dance has not only taught me focus and discipline, but also how to connect to an audience. I love performing and I always cherish every moment that I have onstage to tell the audience a story, and share with them my culture."

Personal Quote:
"It sounds cliche, but you truly only regret the things you didn't do. So grab the opportunities you want- the worst restrictions are the ones we put on ourselves."

Name: Kelly Leu
School: UCLA
Favorite Dance Move: Attitude

How Has Dance Changed Your Life:
"Dance is a place to forget about the stresses in life."

Personal Quote:
"Live like there's no tomorrow, but of course don't be too wild."